Cueva de los Cristales

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Giovanni Badino & Co. have begun the exploration of the Cueva de los Cristales, one of the most extraordinary caves to have ever been discovered.
Ferrino’s technical support has contributed to the success of this speleological xpedition.

The La Venta team has recently concluded the first phase of the Naica speleological project, which calls for a three–year cycle of explorations and surveys in collaboration with Italian and Mexican research teams.
The site selected for this project is the Cueva de los Cristales in Mexico, one of the most extraordinary caves to have ever been discovered.


This cave contains giant crystals of selenite, the most beautiful and crystalline variety of gypsum, and is characterized by its high temperature (about 45–48°C) and humidity that reaches 100%.
A human could survive a mere 5–10 minutes under these conditions. La Venta managed to surpass this limit, reaching a full 80 minutes.
Ferrino’s technical support was instrumental in this exciting breakthrough.

Ferrino developed special thermal suits made of several layers of insulating material and with cooled inner layers. Thanks to these suits, La Venta was able to deal with the extreme environmental conditions and successfully conclude a preliminary topographical survey documented with a stunning collection of images.

Now La Venta is looking ahead. New studies are being planned to reach all the objectives established by the Naica Project, which unites science and dedication to environmental protection:
“The final goal of the project — as emphasized by La Venta team members — is to increase our understanding of this extraordinary geological treasure, in order to spread knowledge while preserving it in its pristine state, guaranteeing this site the protection we believe must be guaranteed by those who take it upon themselves to explore unknown territory.”